Moving sourceware to the Linux Foundation? No thanks.

Ian Kelling
Wed Sep 28 08:53:15 GMT 2022

Carlos O'Donell via Overseers <> writes:

> On 9/26/22 15:57, Frank Ch. Eigler via Overseers wrote:

> Even if we don't ship binaries, shipping source tarballs also might be of interest
> (currently only shipped via the GNU Project repositories).

I'm on of the FSF tech team members that maintains the GNU Project
repositories, eg: . If you have any
problems or improvement you want to that hosting, talk to us. There is
no reason for hosting to be changed or duplicated elsewhere. FSF can
actually host a lot more things and this seems to have been overlooked
when discussing potential changes to sourceware hosting.

 I'm now watching this list, so talking here is fine. If you want to
email us privately, ( goes to the same

You can read about the FSF tech team here, and out blog posts

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