Sourceware / GNU Toolchain at Cauldron

Mark Wielaard
Tue Sep 27 11:02:00 GMT 2022

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for joining the public discussion.

On Mon, 2022-09-26 at 18:04 -0400, Carlos O'Donell via Overseers wrote:
>   - There is the "hardening" concern of separating unix user
> > accounts
> >     for separate services like running git hooks. This is one of the
> >     things that the buildbot service offers. We could also adopt
> >     something like gitolite.
> ... and run them on a distinct machine (which requires machine resources, and admin
> time, etc).
> Adopting gitolite is also a great step in the direction of not having real accounts
> for users of a services.

Lets add gitolite to the roadmap, I think it is a great idea to offer
it to projects. I am running it personally for, it
is packaged and I know it is practically zero-maintenance to run. We
can even run it inside a project specific container or vm to have more

> Technically speaking, I think the Linux Foundation IT, with their existing work with
> public-inbox (ahead of its time), b4, patatt, and more, means they are globally the
> best positioned to keep solving these problems and supporting the development of
> these FOSS tools for the linux kernel and others. Even more so for a distributed
> development model that we use for the GNU Toolchain.

I agree they do some nice work supporting those upstream tools and
services. And I have been really happy that we now have our own public-
inbox instance at

There is a bit more background about using it with b4 including a
discussion on patch attestation in the original BoF discussion
Press 'p' for presentation notes for some additional
background/questions. Or see the raw markdown presentation:

b4 console session:



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