BBB instances

Denver Gingerich
Thu Sep 22 22:23:33 GMT 2022

disclosure: One of my employers is Software Freedom Conservancy.  I worked a bit on things related to SFC's BBB server, so thought I could help a bit here.

On Thu, Sep 22, 2022 at 01:27:36PM -0600, Elena Zannoni via Overseers wrote:
> Regarding the use of MongoDB, James tells me that we used something
> equal or earlier than mongodb-org 4.4.16, on Ubuntu. In 2020, we used
> Ubuntu 16 because BBB was working only on that version, so the MongoDB
> would have been whatever was available on that Ubuntu server.

I have some technical questions about that setup, which I'll follow up about off-list.  I think digging too deep into BBB deployment discussion is (at best) premature for this list right now.

> On 9/21/22 1:47 PM, Bradley M. Kuhn via Overseers wrote:
> > Ian Kelling via Overseers wrote at 20:23 (PDT) on Tuesday:
> >> About BBB, It currently includes MongoDB in it's [sic] server software,
> >> which went nonfree a few years ago. You can still run an older version
> >> which is all free software
> > 
> > Indeed, SFC's instance currently does this.  We published our methodology on
> > how to do it as well.  It's important to note that the main database that
> > BBB uses is Postgres, and MongoDB is only used for runtime session data.
> Do you have a link to the article?

The source with the description is linked from the main page of our BBB instance.  In short, we are using the version of MongoDB from the stock distro repository rather than the MongoDB provided by BBB's repository, as it sounds like you are doing as well.  It seems that few (if any?) distributions have even packaged the SS-Public-Licensed version of MongoDB.  We're curious to know why upstream is pushing folks toward that version, but we didn't want to raise it upstream until we were ready to set aside time for wider BBB deployments, which we do hope to do soon -- possibly with Sourceware as a member project!


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