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Ian Kelling
Wed Sep 21 03:23:52 GMT 2022

Elena Zannoni via Overseers <> writes:

> Hi, Mark, Frank, Chris,
> one of the things that was discussed at Cauldron was that it would be
> good to have BBB easily available for community meetings etc. Imagine a
> group of developers want to exchange ideas about some implementation
> details, etc. If they could just jump onto a BBB room on sourceware it
> would be a cool thing to have.
> Any thoughts on doing something like that?
> elena

About BBB, It currently includes MongoDB in it's server software, which
went nonfree a few years ago. You can still run an older version which
is all free software and BBB upstream is looking at ways to switch to a
free database. However, right now, I wouldn't deploy a new instance of
BBB. For simple web based video conference, I'd look at Jitsi Meet.
Other options: GNU Jami, but that requires installing a
client. Nextcloud Talk looks interesting but I haven't tried it yet.

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