SFC offers project membership to Sourceware; three video-chat discussion times with SFC available

Karen M. Sandler karen@sfconservancy.org
Sat Sep 10 17:55:47 GMT 2022

On 2022-09-09 10:55, Karen M. Sandler via Overseers wrote:
> On 2022-09-08 15:16, Daniel Pono Takamori via Overseers wrote:
>> We'd like to have a meeting where anyone can join and ask questions
>> about the agreement or anything else about joining SFC. We'll be 
>> hosting
>> 3 calls to let community members join when is best for them: 15:00 UTC
>> Friday, 18:00 UTC Saturday and 17:00 UTC Monday on BigBlueButton. 
>> We'll
>> post the links to this mailing list right before the calls.

The second of these meetings is happening in about 5 minutes at the top 
of the hour!

You can join here:

To join this meeting by phone, dial:
Then enter 27353 as the conference PIN number.

I am including the notes from the first one below.

If you can't make this one, we're doing another at 17:00 UTC Monday also 
on BigBlueButton.

> And here are the links to the agreements:
>>     https://sfconservancy.org/docs/sponsorship-agreement-template.pdf
>>     https://sfconservancy.org/docs/sponsorship-agreement-template.odt
>> We're in the middle of updating our template to improve it a little 
>> bit,
>> but there are no substantive changes. The most important section is
>> building the governance section 6, for which the template has various
>> suggested structures.

Rough Notes from previous meeting:

Meeting 15:00 UTC, September 9

SFC staff shared links to the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement template

Fiscal sponsorship agreement talks about the structure, what's the best 
way to describe it?
Concern: is defining the scope of the project difficult? There are 
legacy projects, etc
Projects hosted by Sourceware will not become SFC projects

     * may need to write this into the agreement

Sourceware is well resourced enough to bring more projects on

Discussion about longevity and succession of Sourceware
Making sure that governance of the project is independent from any 

Discussed possible people to join the leadership committee
Possibly anyone who has root should be on the committee?

SFC recommends reaching out personally to overseers who have been active 
over the last 10 years to make sure they've seen the discussion about 
joining SFC and if they'd like to be involved.

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