Proposing Sourceware as SFC member project

Mark Wielaard
Sat Sep 3 16:38:21 GMT 2022

Hi Karen,

On Sat, Sep 03, 2022 at 10:07:29AM -0400, Karen M. Sandler wrote:
> I and my staff will be monitoring this thread to answer questions on SFC's
> behalf, and presume that LF folks will do the same. We look forward to the
> discussion, particularly because we love discussion of the different ways
> that organizations accomplish fiscal sponsorship, and part of our mission is
> educating the FOSS community about non-profit governance options. And
> perhaps an entirely different approach might emerge from multiple
> organizations working together that hasn't even been thought of yet.
> In any case, I'm excited to see the future for this important free software
> hosting project!

Thanks so much for your guidance and excitement. It is great seeing
the non-profit organizations working together so well. That is
especially important for a free software hosting project like
Sourceware because we host both little and big projects. Some with
their own fiscal sponsor, some without any funding at all. Being able
to share non-profit organisation resources and services is a great
thing to look forward to.



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