Proposing Sourceware as SFC member project

Karen M. Sandler
Sat Sep 3 14:07:29 GMT 2022

Pono wrote:
   > These days there are *so many* great options for fiscal sponsorship.

+1, SFC has really been thrilled to see so many organizations build 
fiscal sponsorship programs. People tend to think because SFC was one of 
the early fiscal sponsors in FOSS that we view the other ones as 
"competitors". In fact, we frequently point projects to other 
organizations that could be a better fit. We like a transparent, public 
discussion by projects to pick the fiscal sponsor that fits them best.

In that vein, since this thread was started, we have received 
communication from a couple of people telling us that there was also a 
proposal for an application related to Sourceware with the Linux 
Foundation for fiscal sponsorship. We're glad to hear it because we 
*always* encourage applicants to SFC to also simultaneously apply to 
other fiscal sponsors in parallel, as a method to vet and evaluate the 
various options.

I and my staff will be monitoring this thread to answer questions on 
SFC's behalf, and presume that LF folks will do the same. We look 
forward to the discussion, particularly because we love discussion of 
the different ways that organizations accomplish fiscal sponsorship, and 
part of our mission is educating the FOSS community about non-profit 
governance options. And perhaps an entirely different approach might 
emerge from multiple organizations working together that hasn't even 
been thought of yet.

In any case, I'm excited to see the future for this important free 
software hosting project!

Karen M. Sandler
Executive Director, Software Freedom Conservancy
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