proposing Sourceware as Software Freedom Conservancy member project

Mark Wielaard
Fri Sep 2 11:10:31 GMT 2022

Hi Marc,

On Thu, 2022-09-01 at 15:47 -0400, Frank Ch. Eigler via Overseers
> > I guess this will be discussed during the upcoming Cauldron during
> > Mark's presentation?
> I believe so.

Frank (virtually) and I (in person) will give a presentation on:
Sourceware GNU Toolchain Infrastructure and beyond

   The Sourceware infrastructure is continually improving. Just like
   our other services, such as bugzilla, mailinglists  and git repos,
   we like to provide zero maintenance infrastructure for tracking and
   automation of patches, testing and analyzing testresults.

   This BoF is for everybody who likes to discuss (and wants to help
   with) automating the  infrastructure to make contributing to our
   projects more fun and more productive. 

   Topics to discuss include the shared buildbot. Whether we need
   more/other arches/distro support. Which builders are most beneficial
   to projects. How buildbot should report issues. Whether to use the
   buildbot to automate other tasks like updating documentation,
   websites, generate release tars or updating bugzilla. How to use git
   user try branches. Taking advantage of the Bunsen testrun cluster
   analysis, per-testrun testcase search/browse engines, search
   operators, testsuite summary (vs detail) grids. Patch tracking using
   patchwork integrated with buildbot and the CICD trybot. How to use
   the sourcehut mirror. And anything else that would make you more
   productive and happy contributing.

(I see the official description doesn't mention public-inbox, but I
prepared some examples and would love to discuss whether and how people
are using it.)

So we really want to concentrate on discussing having fun contributing
to the various sourceware projects. But if the sourceware application
to be a Conservancy member project is approved by then we can also
discuss that (not implying that fiscal sponsorship isn't a fun topic,
but I suspect most hackers will be interested in discussing technical



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