proposing Sourceware as Software Freedom Conservancy member project

Mark Wielaard
Fri Sep 2 10:14:57 GMT 2022

Hi Elena,

On Thu, 2022-09-01 at 08:19 -0600, Elena Zannoni via Overseers wrote:
> Hi folks, good to see this effort.
> As one of the old timers that was there at the initial setup of the
> public repos in 1998, I first of all want to thank you for keeping
> this effort going smoothly for such a long time.
> My team uses sourceware services every day and we wouldn't be able to
> do so without your dedication.


> The announcements of latest improvements and updates and the roadmap
> itself have not been seen by many people I am afraid, so I think it's
> worth to point to them here:
> Would it be worth to put them in the News section of
> Maybe also post the roadmap on a page on

Thanks for noticing. And yeah, maybe we aren't selling our services
enough. But if we would need to then it would also probably mean the
services aren't zero-maintenance (for the projects). And we really
don't want to oversell. Ideally the services just keep on improving
without anybody needing to care.

I did just add the services from the roadmap which are more or less
ready, and to the homepage so people can find them easily.

We were actually talking about changing the homepage to be all about
the projects hosted on sourceware instead of sourceware itself. So you
would easily find news, mailinglists, repos and activity for each one.

> It is good to see this effort to regularize the responsibilities for
> Sourceware a bit more. I agree that a fiscal sponsor is a good thing to
> have and the SFC seems like a good home. Hopefully the governance can be
> maintained as light as possible, and hopefully it will be neutral,
> having the best interest of the developer communities in mind.
> I do not believe that Sourceware is broken as it is today, but
> establishing a more solid structure will help to maintain it healthy for
> many more years to come.

That is certainly the intention!

Thanks for your feedback,


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