proposing Sourceware as Software Freedom Conservancy member project

Frank Ch. Eigler
Thu Sep 1 18:54:24 GMT 2022

Hi, Corinna -

> > [...] It would be solely a way to help future needs by providing
> > routing for financial contributions, and have an official, charitable
> > entity (with a real legal existence) for supporting
> Some of these services sound pretty good.  I like especially the
> "Avoid Non-Profit Administrivia" :)))

Yeah, and none of that is for individual guest projects to worry about
anyway.  That's for people who want to help guide funding and related
work on the shared infrastructure.

> [...]  I'd like to raise my finger here.  As you probably know well,
> Cygwin has very little need for official services like the above.
> Apart from website, git, and mailing list, we especially require the
> handcrafted services for our Windows-centric package management of
> our distro.  We're maintaining this stuff pretty much
> self-sufficiently for a long time.  I take it this can continue and
> will still be supported in future?

Nothing about the proposed SFC arrangement implies ANY change to how
any of our valued guest projects enjoy their home on sourceware.  They
remain welcome to come, stay, and leave if they like.

- FChE

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