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saksham jain
Fri Aug 26 07:18:26 GMT 2022

Hi team,

I am trying to fix CVE 2021-33574.

I got your solution fix in the bugzilla 27896 – (CVE-2021-33574) mq_notify does not handle separately allocated thread attributes (CVE-2021-33574) (<> for glibc 2.28.

One of that solution is below:

I want to use the license of the above solution and code. Could you please share the licensee? this is for future reference. Can you please help me to create account, so I can raise 1 request for this information.



From: saksham jain
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2022 4:11 PM
To: <>
Subject: Related to account

Hello team,

I want to join as to debug the CVE analysis. Could you please create my account?

Saksham Jain

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