Using plus (+) in list name

Mark Wielaard
Sun Aug 21 20:02:26 GMT 2022


We are setting up a public-inbox instance for cygwin/gcc/sourceware
lists at and it seems to work pretty
nicely. Thanks. Except for lists which have a + in their name like

I assume this needs some escaping somewhere, but I cannot figure out
where. The .public-inbox/config snippet looks like:

[publicinbox "libstdc++"]
        address =
        url =
        inboxdir = /home/inbox/lists/libstdc++
        indexlevel = full
        newsgroup = inbox.gcc.libstdc++
        listid =

This seems to work fine for nntp and imap, but not https.

It does work when replacing the ++ with pp in the list name and
url. But that looks somewhat odd imho. And the name with ++ can be
used with e.g. mailman:

Is there some way to configure public-inbox-http to be able to use ++
in list names and urls?

We are using the EPEL public-inbox package public-inbox-1.7.0-2.el8.noarch



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