Simon Marchi
Thu Aug 18 14:40:00 GMT 2022

On 8/18/22 09:50, Mark Wielaard wrote:
> I am not sure that is my main interest in public-inbox, but yes, I do
> really like public-inbox because it allows tools like b4 (which I have
> already tested against our instance) and piem (not tested yet) to
> easily pick up and apply patch emails.
> I think others will also use those (or similar) tools. But I primarily
> expect users to use the public-inbox archives as a way to access the
> mailinglists without having to subscribe, but still be able to easily
> get the actual (raw) messages (either through git, atom, mbox, nntp or
> imap) to follow the conversations. Which I think is the main
> interesting thing public-inbox offers.

For me it's:

 - Being able to download the raw emails in order to apply patches or to
   properly reply to messages on lists I'm not subscribed to

 - I never thought about the feature Mark mentioned, about download an
   mbox for a given query.  But if you want to download a very long
   patch series to apply it locally, it could be useful.

 - Better display and browsing to read longer threads that span multiple
   months.  For example, trying to follow this thread on Mailman would
   be complicated:

 - Search: I find it useful to be able to find a message by Message-ID.
   For instance, I'm reading the message in my client, and I want to
   send someone the link to that message in the web interface.  In my
   instance ( I can paste the Message-ID in the search box
   and it gets me directly to the right message.  On, I don't see the same search box, maybe it is
   because of the V1/V2 thing you have been talking about?

 - Not super important, but I like that the URLs to messages contain the
   Message-IDs.  This way, in a distant future where does not exist anymore, someone with the archive
   can still find out which message a given URL refers to.  A bit like
   if I give you this URL:

   and Gitlab does not exist anymore, you can still find you which
   commit I am talking about if you have a copy of the binutils-gdb git

Also, you were talking about space.  If you want to save some space, I
don't think it's very useful to have the *-cvs lists on there.  And
there are lists that are pretty much dead that you could skip too.


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