GDB account: Fortran related issues

Giannis Nikiteas
Thu Jul 7 08:24:59 GMT 2022


I hope this email finds you well. I was wondering if you could open an 
account for me, or just file the issues/feature enhancements on my 
behalf.The issues that I have been meaning to file are related to 
Fortran, more specifically:

1. The Python API support for Fortran types (type printing) like 
strings, arrays, variables defined with non-default kinds, is quite 
limited and I was wondering if you could expand to allow for easier access.
2. More pretty printers for Fortran need to written e.g. type-bound 
procedures, select type constructs and other Modern (2003+) features.

There are probably more Fortran GDB related issues, not present in 
C/C++, but I think these two would greatly improve the Fortran + GDB 

Implementing 1. would make 2. a lot easier to complete. I would be glad 
to try and help on these issues, but I would probably need some help 
setting up my workflow for testing changes to the GDB Python wrappers.

If you want help with regards to anything Fortran related you can reach 
out to our community (where I am an active member):

Have a good day and thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Ioannis Nikiteas <>
PhD Candidate at Applied Modelling & Computation Group (AMCG) 
Department of Earth Science and Engineering
Imperial College London

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