Various libgloss problems after recent changes

Richard Earnshaw
Fri Feb 10 11:21:00 GMT 2023

On 09/02/2023 22:54, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Want to try out the attached patch?
> -- Jeff J.
> On Sun, Feb 5, 2023 at 7:48 PM Jeff Law <> wrote:
>> The fr30-elf and xstormy16-elf ports have been failing to build for
>> about a month with this error:
>>    > fr30-elf-as  -I. -I../../../../..//newlib-cygwin/libgloss/fr30/..
>> -I./.. -idirafter
>> ../../../../..//newlib-cygwin/libgloss/fr30/../../include  -o crt0.o
>> ../../../../..//newlib-cygwin/libgloss/fr30/crt0.s
>>> fr30-elf-as: unrecognized option '-idirafter'
>> For a full log:
>> Hopefully this is easy to fix so we can get those ports under regular
>> testing again.
>> Jeff

I'm slightly confused.  Why would some ports have -idirafter and some 
not, unless they're not using GCC (or a very old one).

So wouldn't a autoconf test for -idirafter be a better approach rather 
than hard-coding it.

Note that if it's due to the option not being supported in old versions 
of gcc, then that's a bigger problem because the reason the option was 
added in the first place (IIRC) was to support moving arm-acle-compat.h 
out of the newlib subdir so it could be used with libgloss.  And 
arm-acle-compat.h is there to support older versions of GCC.

And that brings up another question.  Just how old a version of GCC do 
we want to support these days?  ACLE support was added to GCC 10 years 
ago, in GCC-4.8. If we can drop support for compilers older than that, 
we can drop using the compatibility header and get rid of the need for 
-idirafter entirely.


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