newlib-cygwin.git repository: Switching "master" to "main"

Corinna Vinschen
Fri Jan 13 12:10:11 GMT 2023

On Jan 13 12:55, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> Hey folks,
> In the light of recent discussions, and following other projects already
> having done this step, we changed the name of the "master" branch in
> the newlib-cygwin.git upstream repository to "main".
> If you fetched from upstream in the last two days, you might already
> have noticed that an "origin/main" branch suddenly showed up, but your
> "master" branch still worked as before.
> The reason is that we also added a symbolic reference upstream, so that
> "origin/master" points to "origin/main".  Both "branches" are now
> constantly kept in sync upstream.
> Therefore, you can continue your work on "master" without disruption,
> if you prefer to do so.
> However, on the client side, the "master" and "main" branches are
> treated as two distinct branches.  If you work on your local "main"
> clone and commit a patch, it's not keeping your local "master" branch in
> sync.  After pushing your change upstream, though, the upstream idea of
> "main" and "master" is, again, the same.  After fetching from upstream,
> the patch will show up in both tracking branches, "origin/main" as well
> as "origin/master", so pulling on both local branches will show the same
> tree.
> Having said that.  Ideally you only use one of the branches locally
> to avoid any confusion:
> - If you prefer to work in "master", just continue to do so and don't
>   create a local "main" branch tracking "origin/main".
> - If you prefer to work in "main", checkout "origin/main" as "main" and
>   delete your local "master" branch.

Oh, and, btw., if you clone the newlib-cygwin.git repo anew, you
will by default get a local "main" branch tracking "origin/main".


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