Iconv.html and iconv.html

Torbjorn SVENSSON torbjorn.svensson@foss.st.com
Fri Dec 2 16:06:03 GMT 2022


I have been building a toolchain for the arm-none-eabi target using a 
rather recent snapshot of newlib. While building the html documentation, 
I noticed that there will be generated the two files named Iconv.html 
and iconv.html.
While this works fine for case sensitive file systems, it's obvious that 
this will not have the desired outcome on a case-insensitive file 
system, such as on Windows system.

The Iconv.html file contains the chapter description and the iconv.html 
file contains the description of the iconv-function.

Can someone, with the knowledge of how these filenames are generated, 
change one of them so that the filenames differ on a case insensitive 
file system?

Kind regards,

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