Generate in build tree rather than source tree

Mike Frysinger
Fri Nov 4 00:29:51 GMT 2022

On 31 Oct 2022 16:10, Torbjorn SVENSSON wrote:
> On 2022-10-30 08:12, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > On 29 Oct 2022 17:38, Torbjorn SVENSSON wrote:
> >> Okay, so in that case, something changed in the newlib build process to
> >> generate and install the file
> > 
> > is part of libgloss, not newlib.  i understand the source tarball
> > is packaged overall as "newlib" so it can be a little confusing.
> > 
> > older versions build & install if you use the install-info target.
> > but it wouldn't do it by default.
> Might be so, but not for the default make target (the one I used). What 
> make target should I use to build everything, just like the build system 
> did before your improvement, but avoid the .info files?

the GNU project provides no such target/config.  you can prob cheat by
setting MAKEINFO to a stub program.  or just build the info pages.  i
don't see why building them is a problem in the first place.
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