Does newlib support x86_64-pc-linux-gnu?

Tue May 17 11:13:27 GMT 2022

Hi Keith,

thanks for the info! I'll try that approach out.

But you're right, it's probably better to just run an emulator.

🙎🏻‍♂️ jdoubleu
On 5/14/2022 9:20 PM, Keith Packard wrote:
> jdoubleu <> writes:
>> I'm trying to run the testsuite on my linux host. Right now, all tests
>> are linked against glibc, causing me to test glibc instead of newlib.
>> This would really help me testing newlib, because I don't have any
>> "special" hardware, nor emulators setup. It does also offer the
>> possibility to test newlib farily easy in a CI.
> It's possible, and picolibc (a newlib fork) uses this in it's CI
> setup. What you do is link newlib *before* glibc so that you pull in the
> newlib upper-level functions and then use glibc for the syscalls.
> It does make some development easier, but there are places which are a
> bit funky -- the 'stat' syscall, in particular, where you need to
> declare struct stat so that it matches glibc but without using glibc
> headers (as you'll be compiling against newlib headers).
> It's not that hard to use an arm or risc-v emulator with semihosting
> support to test the library though, and that avoids issues like that.

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