Support non-POSIX TZ strings

Mon Feb 14 19:58:47 GMT 2022

Thanks for the quick response!

 > [..] but we should start with the actual POSIX spec under TZ
Yes, that is exactly what I meant: Newlib supporting the <> (angle 
brackets) syntax.
I didn't know that it was actually part of POSIX spec, since so many 
libs actually don't implement it.

 > The BSD or TZcode implementations could probably be adapted [..]
It looks like the TZcode implementation by Paul Eggert uses a different 
approach to parsing the strings, than the current implementation in 
I'm not sure, if you want to copy the code over or use changes by e.g. 
Earle F. Philhower from

Because of the above question, I'm not sure how to continue on this. I 
would like to contribute myself and submit an implementation, but I'll 
wait for feedback by other maintainers, first.


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