libgloss multilib installs broken [was nds broken by recent patches]

Jeff Law
Mon Feb 7 15:40:56 GMT 2022

On 2/3/2022 10:45 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> On 03 Feb 2022 09:11, Jeff Law wrote:
>> I must have tested the wrong thing as bfin-elf isn't working yet.  It
>> doesn't help that I'm only looking at this for a few minutes before my
>> workday starts...    At least now I  know what's going on.
>> The *build* is fine, things go south at *install* time.
>> bfin has a wide variety of multilibs and we're installing them into the
>> wrong directories.
> well that's annoying.  i was actually testing this code path recently as part
> of migrating libgloss to automake, and the install logic worked there, so i
> guess i fixed this bug and didn't realize it.
Saw you committed the fix for this over the weekend.  I can confirm that 
the bfin, visium, frv and c6x ports are happy again.  I had suspected 
they were all the same problem.

At this point there's nothing failing due to newlib/libgloss issues.  
Thanks for all the fixes.


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