[PATCH 0/5] start converting libgloss to non-recursive automake

Mike Frysinger vapier@gentoo.org
Mon Feb 7 12:45:46 GMT 2022

On 07 Feb 2022 12:36, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Feb  5 00:46, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > This converts the top-level to automake, and then cuts a few subdirs over
> > to non-recursive automake.  I didn't cut all the subdirs over to automake,
> > but should be easy to convert more over.
> > 
> > Mike Frysinger (5):
> >   libgloss: convert top level to automake
> >   libgloss: merge doc into top-level Makefile
> >   libgloss: merge libgloss into top-level Makefile
> >   libgloss: merge iq2000 into top-level Makefile
> >   libgloss: merge bfin into top-level Makefile
>  $ autoreconf
>  configure.ac:46: warning: macro 'AM_ENABLE_MULTILIB' not found in library
>  configure.ac:31: warning: macro 'AM_ENABLE_MULTILIB' not found in library
>  [...]
> Problem?  A dependency to another not yet applied patch?

this isn't new behavior.  although i understand the mismatch in expectations.

if you run `autoreconf` in libgloss/ today, you will see these same warnings.
it's because the only way to have aclocal search extra dirs for m4 macros is
either pass the -I flags to autoreconf directly, or have a Makefile.am with
ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS set in it (which autoreconf extracts and passes to aclocal).

w/out automake, ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS doesn't work, so you have to add all the -I
flags yourself with absolute paths:
$ autoreconf -I $PWD -I $PWD/.. -I $PWD/../config

yes, i'm converting the top-level to automake, so the ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS are
picked up from there, but that's only the top-level.  autoreconf will go
into each subdir and run autoreconf in there, and that's where these are
coming from.  once all the subdirs convert over to automake, then you can
go back to running plain `autoreconf` and it'll all just work for you.

if you run `autoreconf -v`, it's a little more obvious that it's coming
from the subdirs as it'll show:
autoreconf-2.69: configure.ac: adding subdirectory aarch64 to autoreconf
autoreconf-2.69: Entering directory `aarch64'
autoreconf-2.69: running: aclocal
configure.ac:46: warning: macro 'AM_ENABLE_MULTILIB' not found in library
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