nds broken by recent patches

Mike Frysinger vapier@gentoo.org
Sat Jan 29 05:15:15 GMT 2022

On 28 Jan 2022 14:54, Jeff Law wrote:
> On 1/28/2022 9:36 AM, Jeff Law wrote:
> > For example, someone mucked up the compiler for or1k-elf at the same 
> > time you're doing your refactoring.  Now I've got a patch to fix the 
> > compiler ICE, *but* I'm also getting a crap-ton of new testsuite 
> > failures in the testsuite due to missing _init/_fini symbols.  I don't 
> > know yet if that's a newlib issue or something else mucked up on the 
> > compiler side.
> I think I've tracked this done.  The change to internalize 
> HAVE_INITFINI_ARRAY wasn't complete.  It missed newlib.  Affects 
> aarch64, arm, or1k and cris -elf ports.  I don't test for former pair, 
> but I do test the latter pair.   or1k and cris fail differently. 
> or1k-elf code fails to link, while cris-elf fails a few tests that rely 
> on ctor/dtor support.

thanks ... the expectation was that things outside of newlib weren't
relying on this, but i think it's prob OK for libgloss to.  not great,
but not entirely unreasonable.  not sure what you meant by "it missed
newlib" as your fix only touches libgloss.  assuming that was a thinko.
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