Joel Sherrill
Thu Dec 2 14:30:30 GMT 2021

On Thu, Dec 2, 2021 at 2:03 AM Paul Zimmermann <> wrote:
> about Joel's mail (
> OpenLibm long double does not implement exp10, j0, j1, y0 and y1, and has
> accuracy issues with lgamma and tgamma. See Table 11 of

OK both have issues. I'd like long double support in newlib's libm to
improve standards compliance. I was looking for an implementation.

Issue: newlib has no long double support when sizeof(long double) !=

Random thoughts:

+ For the missing openlibm methods, newlib's implementation of those
methods could be submitted to openlibm.

+ Does newlib have an accuracy document?

+ Is newlib's accuracy better than openlibm's?

+ Would it make sense to port long double methods from openlibm to newlib?

I'm just trying to find a technical path to get long double into newlib.
I have no vested interest in any particular path that achieves that.
If we can agree on a technical path, RTEMS could add this as a potential
Google Summer of Code 2022 project.


> Paul

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