Swire Pacific Offshore HACKED, your data stolen

Neventi menghini@vitadiocesanapinerolese.it
Fri Nov 26 03:46:55 GMT 2021


If you receive this letter, you are a customer, employee, or competitor of
Swire Pacific Offshore.

Some time ago, their network was attacked, and a lot of data was stolen and
locked from there. 
Their website, swirespo.com, is still unavailable. 
We tried to contact the company and agree on a solution to this situation,
but they refused to cooperate. 
In this regard, we notify you that information about the crews of ships,
their insurance, their documents, captain profiles, logbooks, cargo data,
waybills and other confidential data, including yours directly, 
will be published every day on our website.

spo-com  - use tor browser
irespo-com - mirror

We advise you to protect your rights and demand from the company to resolve
this incident.

Good luck

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