[PATCH] libgloss/newlib: rename configure.in to configure.ac

Hans-Bernhard Bröker HBBroeker@t-online.de
Mon Sep 13 22:54:44 GMT 2021

Am 13.09.2021 um 16:13 schrieb Mike Frysinger:
 > On 13 Sep 2021 12:12, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
 >> On Sep  9 17:06, Mike Frysinger wrote:
 >>> The .in name has been deprecated for a long time in favor of .ac.

 >> ACK.  Are you going to regen afterwards?

 > that should be a nop as the filename input shouldn't affect the output.
 > i confirmed on one or two dirs.

The name of configure.{in|ac} is supposed to show up in just about every 
Makefile.in.  The maintainer rules to update configure rely on that. 
Automake-generated Makefile.in pick up this change automatically.

libgloss doesn't use automake, so there you would have to do all this by 
hand.  Or keep on not doing it at all: at the moment there are no such 
maintainer-specific rules in the libgloss Makefile.in except in 
libgloss/wince, which does use automake.

 > i agree that we should add
 > a macro to enforce a specific autoconf version and regen everything with
 > that :).

No need to add one ;-).  That's precisely what config/override.m4 
already does.

The entire newlib tree relies quite heavily on features that have been 
dropped from autoconf a _long_ time ago. The version it requires is 2.64 
from the year 2008.  Getting all that resolved takes quite a bit more 
effort than just renaming files and dropping the explicit restriction. 
Every single Makefile.am and configure.ac has to be modified to remove 
things like the cygnus mode option to automake, or the outdated use of 

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