[PATCH] Add myself to sim & general write-after-approval maintainers

Mike Frysinger vapier@gentoo.org
Sat Sep 11 21:53:36 GMT 2021

There are a few files that are tied to the GNU simulator, so add myself
to match the general sim project.

Also add myself to the general write-after-approval since I've been doing
that for a long time now anyways :).
 newlib/MAINTAINERS | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/newlib/MAINTAINERS b/newlib/MAINTAINERS
index 26024af7a98f..bb1680494bd9 100644
--- a/newlib/MAINTAINERS
+++ b/newlib/MAINTAINERS
@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@ well as OS-specific portions of the build system, without approval.
 RTEMS			Joel Sherrill		joel.sherrill@oarcorp.com
 			Sebastian Huber		sebastian.huber@embedded-brains.de
+simulator		Mike Frysinger		vapier@gentoo.org
 			Write After Approval
@@ -64,3 +65,4 @@ Eric Blake			eblake@redhat.com
 Will Newton			will.newton@linaro.org
 Sebastian Huber			sebastian.huber@embedded-brains.de
 Joel Sherrill			joel.sherrill@oarcorp.com
+Mike Frysinger			vapier@gentoo.org

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