Help porting newlib to a new CPU architecture (sorta)

Mike Frysinger
Tue Jul 6 04:35:48 GMT 2021

On 06 Jul 2021 02:49, ElijaxApps wrote:
> I designed a Logisim schematic of a full system, able to run programs in
> the simulation, as shown in this video:
> Is based on a SAP-1 (Simplest as Possible) basis, containing 4 GP registers
> (8 bit), stack for function operations (up to 256 depth levels of
> recursivity), 24bit plain RAM component, and a simple ALU able to echo
> strings and perform not floating point math.
> AFAIK, newlib is suitable for embedded devices, and I want to create the
> full toolchain for C/C++ language at least.

i don't know that these would work that well (or at all) on an 8-bit CPU.
you'd really want a 32-bit CPU nowadays as a minimum if you want to support
modern software.

even DOS (iiuc) requires at least a 16-bit CPU.  not sure FreeDOS supports
16-bit though, or if it too requires 32-bit.

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