[PATCH] Nano-malloc: Fix for unwanted external heap fragmentation

Keith Packard keithp@keithp.com
Wed Apr 28 18:19:21 GMT 2021

Ola Olsson <ola1olsson@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi again,
> I am sorry but I have no idea what picolibc is and I haven't seen any
> errata/todo or anything in newlib indicating that this issue will be fixed.
> I am just a simple programmer; I pulled latest and greatest of newlib, used
> "git log" and inspected the last 7 commits of nano-mallocr.c and then I was
> back in year 2017...Hence, I pretty much came to the conclusion that this
> issue won't be fixed unless I fix it myself.

Oh, sorry, picolibc is a newlib fork designed for embedded systems


Picolibc release 1.5.1 has the updated nano-malloc code in place. This
is packaged in Debian unstable if you're using that. It also builds on
Windows platforms.

> Please tell me if there is anything I can do or if something is expected
> from me regarding the patch before it's getting merged.

I'd encourage you to take a look at the picolibc changes and see if
those look useful. I'm hoping to have some time to work on pushing them
back to newlib as they'd be useful there as well.

> Btw, there are some cleanup I would like to do in this file as well, mostly
> regarding comments and tabs->spaces but I guess it's okay to send a new
> patch for that.

I've been avoiding whitespace-only changes; I know the formatting is
terrible, but fixing it means back-porting changes becomes very difficult.

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