Microblaze libgloss and gdb simulator

Joel Sherrill joel@rtems.org
Fri Apr 23 12:48:11 GMT 2021

On Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 1:17 AM R. Diez <rdiezmail-newlib@yahoo.de> wrote:

> > [...]
> > Does anyone know how to build and run a hello world on the microblaze
> > simulator in gdb using the microblaze-elf target and the code in
> libgloss?
> Does it have to be the GDB simulator? QEMU seems to support the MicroBlaze
> too.
> I am using QEMU to simulate a Cortex-M3 board, and writing to a particular
> memory address where a UART is supposed to be outputs the byte on the host
> console.

No it doesn't. We use Qemu on at least arm, aarch64, x86, and sparc. Even
though they tend to be just CPU simulators, the gdb simulators just tend to
easier to work with and can run a high percentage of RTEMS tests. When first
starting a port, you are focused primarily on startup and context switches,
the gdb simulators work great for that. The devices are so simple, that the
is trivial.

For interrupt and real device support, you do have to move to something
like qemu or real hardware. We likely will just have to move to it.


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> rdiez

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