APIs in New POSIX Edition

Corinna Vinschen vinschen@redhat.com
Thu Apr 8 11:18:54 GMT 2021

On Apr  7 18:26, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi
> https://www.opengroup.org/austin/docs/austin_1110.pdf includes a set of new
> methods to be added to the POSIX standard. RTEMS has a potential GSoC
> student interested in working down the list for RTEMS. Some of these make
> sense to be implemented in newlib. All will end up being prototyped in
> newlib headers somewhere.
> >From the document and the formatting is completely lost.
>  The additional APIs proposed by participants in the Austin Group that The
> Open Group has agreed to sponsor are as follows:

> getentropy()
> memmem()
> reallocarray()
> strlcat()
> strlcpy()
> wcslcat()
> wcslcpy()

Already in newlib.

> ppoll()

Already defined in Cygwin.  We don't have a generic poll.h header in

> dladdr()

Already defined in Cygwin.  We don't have a generic dlfcn.h header in
newlib.  It's questionable if this really belongs in newlib.

> getlocalename_l()
> posix_getdents()
> sig2str()
> str2sig()

No worries as soon as the API is stable.

> pthread_cond_clockwait()
> pthread_mutex_clocklock()
> pthread_rwlock_clockrdlock()
> pthread_rwlock_clockwrlock()
> qsort_r()
> sem_clockwait()

No worries, these APIs won't change compared to their already
existing implementations in GLibc.


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