Making newlib tests work again

Joel Sherrill
Mon Dec 16 22:09:00 GMT 2019

Personally, I'd like to see the tests working. I would like to see them
running on RTEMS.


On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 3:52 PM Keith Packard <> wrote:

> I spent a bunch of time over the last couple of weeks getting the newlib
> tests running again in my 'picolibc' fork. In the process, I found a few
> bugs in the library which I've got patches for, but I'm wondering if
> anyone here has any interest in having the test fixes merged in. I'm not
> sure how useful they would be in the newlib tree as I'm not sure how to
> run them here.
> The 'big' change was to re-generate all of the math test cases using
> glibc on x86-64. There's code in the libm tests to re-emit the C code
> which I used for that. For the string conversion tests, I cobbled some
> hacks together.
> The newlib code I'm using now passes all of the tests on
> x86-64-linux-gnu, i686-linux-gnu, arm-none-eabi and
> riscv64-unknown-elf. For riscv64-unknown-elf, qemu is able to emulate
> all possible processor configurations and I'm testing them all (30
> different newlib builds). For arm-none-eabi, I'm only testing cortex-m3
> for now (qemu-system-arm is not as flexible as qemu-system-riscv32/
> qemu-system-riscv64).
> I don't want to spam the list with a large set of huge patches unless
> there's some interest in them; for now, I've got them sitting on github:
> --
> -keith

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