[PATCH] newlib: Remove debug flag for --enable-target-optspace

Jon Beniston jon@beniston.com
Fri Nov 29 11:19:00 GMT 2019

Hi Stephanos,

>As you suggested, the debug information added by `--enable-target-optspace`
can be stripped, but why add it in the first place if it is not necessary?

Because many people want to be able to debug their code!

>Unless there is a good reason to keep `-g` and `-Os` together in
>I strongly believe `-g` should be removed and moved into a separate
configuration option.

Currently the default for CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET is "-g -O2".
--enable-target-optspace Changes this to "-g -Os"

If -g is to be controlled by a separate option, then it should apply in both
cases. And this new option should probably be enabled by default to maintain
existing behaviour (so perhaps add a --disable-target-debug option that
removes -g)


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