Properly building newlib to install spec files

Orlando Arias
Sun Oct 20 19:22:00 GMT 2019


I was under the impression that the nosys.specs file was no longer provided for the msp430-elf target in light of the CIO interface being added [1][2]. Please correct me if I'm wrong on this.



On October 20, 2019 3:40:17 PM UTC, Mojca Miklavec <> wrote:
>I'm sorry for replying after such a long time, but I could not exactly
>figure out what I was doing wrong until Joel today pointed out a dirty
>simple little trick: I just had to make a symlink from gcc sources to
>libgloss in order to install all the spec files ... and that solution
>automatically worked, without the need to rebuild gcc the second time
>(which would cause me a lot of headaches both in terms of
>bootstrapping and compile times).
>So basically just a matter of
>    cd gcc-9.2.0
>    ln -s ../newlib-3.1.0/libgloss .
>We were already using
>    ln -s ../newlib-3.1.0/newlib .
>just not the libgloss thing.
>It would be awesome if this was documented somewhere for complete
>newbies :)
>I'll update all our cross-compilers to fix this.
>Thank you very much,
>    Mojca
>On Mon, 7 Jan 2019 at 21:50, Jeff Johnston <> wrote:
>> If you build and install the various components to the same
>installation directory, it should just work.
>> See:
>> (your gcc compiler config options may vary)
>> If a spec file is installed somewhere else, you can use the -B option
>on the compile to specify a location for gcc to look for it.
>> -- Jeff J.
>> On Sat, Jan 5, 2019 at 4:20 PM Mojca Miklavec <>
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm fixing some packages for a package manager. I think I have a
>>> of various working gcc crosscompilers, but if I try to test
>>> like
>>> $ msp430-elf-gcc -mmcu=msp430g2211 -specs=nosys.specs -o test.elf
>>> msp430-elf-gcc: error: nosys.specs: No such file or directory
>>> apparently the specs files are missing.
>>> I'm creating a symlink from gcc to newlib and build gcc with
>>> --with-newlib, but apparently the files don't get installed. I
>>> that random instructions suggest separately building:
>>> - first gcc
>>> - then newlib
>>> - then gcc again
>>> while other instructions say to use just --with-newlib.
>>> Can you please advise me how to build newlib in a proper way, so
>>> the spec files will be installed? Where should they usually end up?
>>> Thank you very much,
>>>     Mojca

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