stdbool.h ?

Emmanuel Blot
Thu Sep 26 12:08:00 GMT 2019

Hi Jon,

On 26 Sep 2019, at 13:20, Jon Beniston wrote:

> That's usually provided by gcc.

I’m using LLVM :)
I just discovered that the host’s stdbool.h was used up to now - which 
is fortunately target agnostic.

> ./lib/gcc/target/version/include/stdbool.h

GCC also provides its own stdint.h (including either an external 
stdint.h or its own), so I’m surprised the behaviour is different with 
As I understand it - maybe I’m wrong - stdbool.h is part of the C 
Standard Library, so should not it be part of the newlib C 
implementation as well? I know the boundary between the compiler and the 
C library is somewhat tricky, but it is kind of weird stdint.h and 
stdbool.h are somewhat handled differently.


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