i386 long double math methods

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis@SystematicSw.ab.ca
Thu Sep 26 05:24:00 GMT 2019

On 2019-09-25 16:06, Joel Sherrill wrote:
> i386-rtems tools do not include long double math routines but Cygwin
> does and there is a comment in math.h indicating they have code
> elsewhere for these.
> Are these OK to use to fill in the long double gaps?

Cygwin just uses straight newlib/libm, and the BSD versions of those long double
math functions are already in newlib/libm/*/*l.c and available on Cygwin: sizeof
float80, float128, and long double are all 16.
There are also some x86 asm and fast math specializations under winsup/cygwin/math/
Or are you talking about other long double math functions not included?
You should be able to persuade configure to build RTEMS newlib/libm with a heavy
platform config supporting long double size 16 and excluding _LDBL_EQ_DBL.

Take care. Thanks, Brian Inglis, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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