Procedure for submitting RISC-V based BSP to Newlib

Jim Wilson
Wed Jul 24 21:40:00 GMT 2019

On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 9:20 AM Kito Cheng <> wrote:
> riscv-newlib in riscv-gnu-toolchain basically won't modify anything if
> possible, it just kind of buffer, hold some un-upstreamed patches, and
> will going to upstream eventually, it's also a place to report RISC-V
> specific bug.

I would prefer no un-upstreamed patches at all in riscv-newlib.
Currently I think we don't have any.  We just have some patches
backported.  This is something that could just as well be handled as a
RISC-V Foundation vendor branch in the upstream tree.  The only issue
is getting upstream write access for everyone that wants to
contribute.  Some people got write access to the
trees long ago before tools were upstreamed, and have been reluctant
to get write access to the upstream trees.  I've been acting as a go
between for some of this, but eventually I would like to see the
riscv-newlib and other riscv toolchain trees die off and have us do
all work upstream.  But for the moment, the fact that the 32-bit glibc
support isn't upstream yet means we have to have riscv specific
toolchain sources to hold those patches, so I can't kill off the toolchain trees just yet.  I am slowly moving in that
direction though.  I just recently replaced riscv-qemu with upstream
qemu after getting a few patches accepted into upstream qemu.  I'd
like to do this for a few more riscv trees when I have a chance.

> So the newlib part I think you could submit patches to this mailing
> list directly or send a pull request on riscv-newlib is fine.
> And riscv-gnu-toolchain part you could try to fork it first, and might
> send pull request on gitthub to start further discussion about how to
> integration.

Since these filesystem patches aren't riscv specific,  they need to go
upstream first.  It isn't reasonable to ask us to be a go-between for
patches like this.  Once they are upstream, we can backport them if
necessary and/or convenient.


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