[PATCH] [MSP430] Make the inclusion of run_*_array functions depend on defined assembler symbols

Jozef Lawrynowicz jozef.l@mittosystems.com
Thu Apr 18 09:50:00 GMT 2019

On Thu, 18 Apr 2019 10:33:56 +0200
Corinna Vinschen <vinschen@redhat.com> wrote:

> On Apr 18 01:04, Jozef Lawrynowicz wrote:
> > If the patch is acceptable, I would appreciate if someone would commit it for
> > me, as I do not have write access.  
> Pushed.
> Btw., you don't have to prepend text to your patch if it's reproducing
> the commit message anyway.  Just send the patch with `git send-email'
> to the list, patchsets ideally git format-patch'ed with --cover-letter.

Ok thanks, will do in the future.


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