[patch] Add semihosting documentation for nios2 and m68k

Sandra Loosemore sandra@codesourcery.com
Wed Mar 13 15:07:00 GMT 2019

On 3/13/19 8:53 AM, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> Hi Sandra,
> If documentation is taken verbatim from comments in code, it requires 
> the copyright license(s) that the code was under.  If on the other hand
> you wrote the documentation yourself by looking at/knowing how the code 
> works, it is yours to license as you want.  If you are taking
> comments verbatim from code and it is written by you and other folks, 
> you can't just license under "any" terms because that doesn't imply 
> permission of the other
> folks unless it uses the license that everyone already agreed upon 
> (which can be nothing if no license governs the code).
> I hope that clarifies.  If a license is required, you can add a separate 
> license file for each doc file if you don't want the license to be 
> present in the documentation.

Well, the listed copyright holder on the corresponding code files is 
CodeSourcery/Mentor Graphics, so presumably we still retain the right to 
do whatever we want with it, including cutting and pasting comments into 
a separate documentation file.

I can add the same copyright notice and license terms to the new 
documentation files.


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