Andrew Stubbs ams@codesourcery.com
Fri Jan 11 12:41:00 GMT 2019

On 10/01/2019 19:22, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> Try libc/sys/sh as a basis.  You have to replace the creat.c in 
> configure.in <http://configure.in> with a file you have.
> Don't specify crt0.o in Makefile.am and put in your source files.  
> Create an empty sys directory under
> you libc/sys/xxxx dir to possibly use in the future to replace sys includes.
> Other than that, most of your patch from machine dir goes there.  The 
> libc/machine/xxxx dir should have anything
> you are overriding in shared library (often optimized string routines, 
> but at minimum, setjmp/longjmp
> (see libc/machine/fr30).

How about the attached?

I've moved the syscalls, but left the machine overrides in place, I think.

We don't have an implementation for setjmp/longjmp yet, although we'll 
need to look into that when we build out more C++ support.  The register 
file on this architecture is "up to" ~64kB, depending on the thread 
configuration, and there's no well-defined ABI yet (just what the 
compiler implements), so it's trickier than average.

Once again, I've omitted the autogenerated files from the patch file. 
I've also changed to a commit message more in keeping with the new style.

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