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Postmaster postmaster@RAP.partner.onmschina.cn
Sun Dec 17 09:33:00 GMT 2017

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. Your email message was not delivered to the intended recipients because malware was detected.

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Subject: Mail System Error - Returned Mail
Sender: newlib@sourceware.org

Time received: 12/14/2017 12:27:49 AM
Message ID:<d0d22451-cc3c-4198-b39e-c2543c018506@SHAFFO30FD007.protectioncn.gbl>
Detections found: 
mail.zip	 W32/Mydoom.CJDZ-5239
mail.zip	 W32.Mydoom.L@mm
mail.zip	 Win32/Mydoom

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