HEADSUP: toolchain modifications required for built-in SSP

Yaakov Selkowitz yselkowi@redhat.com
Thu Nov 30 01:48:00 GMT 2017

Newlib/RTEMS users,

Please be aware that, as of today's git master, and the next (2.6.0?)
tarball release, Newlib includes its own implementation of Stack
Smashing Protection (-fstack-protector*) and Object Size Checking
(-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=*) features.  This implementation replaces and
conflicts with GCC's libssp, which is practically broken and unmaintained.

In order to avoid the conflict with GCC's libssp, Newlib/RTEMS
toolchains using git master or the next release MUST be rebuilt,
configuring with the --disable-libssp flag, and exporting
gcc_cv_libc_provides_ssp=yes in the environment during 'make'.

If you have any issues with these features, please feel free to ask on list.

Yaakov Selkowitz
Software Engineer - Platform Enablement Group
Red Hat, Inc.

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