[PATCH] Changes the default size of time_t to 64 bit.

Philipp.Trommler@preh.de Philipp.Trommler@preh.de
Mon Aug 14 08:18:00 GMT 2017


The threading here got a little out of hand, I try to summarize the
discussion here (the longest thread):

1. Newlib should use a 64 bit sized time_t by default.
2. All usage of long within the time directory should be replaced by 
3. There should be a configure option to either
   a) use a long as before or
   b) use a fixed size 32 bit integer.
4. The configure option should either
   a) contain the phrase 32 bit or
   b) contain something like compat.

The discussion led my to the point where I'd prefer 3. b) and 4. a) but
I don't feel like I'm in the position to decide that.


Am Samstag, den 12.08.2017, 13:40 +0200 schrieb Freddie Chopin:
> On Sat, 2017-08-12 at 11:49 +0200, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> > 
> > Such a type change may break binary compatibility due to C++ name
> > mangling.
> Bump version of newlib to 3 and "problem solved" (; . While doing
> that
> we may also remove some ancient stuff kept in _reent (and probably
> some
> other places) for compatibility.
> Regards,
> FCh

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