Time for another snapshot

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill@oarcorp.com
Wed Aug 9 19:34:00 GMT 2017

On 8/9/2017 2:13 PM, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> One is scheduled for the 18th or 21st (usually around the 20th of the
> month).  Is that too late?

I was hoping to baseline new RTEMS toolsets with
Aditya's submissions in newlib and do some testing
on his inttypes work before the Google Summer of
Code evaluations are due. That schedule calls for
students to submit final code and mentors to do
evaluation Aug 21-29.

Based on that, if it is the 18th during US working
hours, I can rebaseline next Friday. That should
work out.

Does that sound OK?



> -- Jeff J.
> On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 12:26 PM, Joel Sherrill
> <joel.sherrill@oarcorp.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> Just wondering if with the recent addition of inttypes, etc. it would
>> be good to have another snapshot.
>> Thanks.
>> --joel

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