Regarding pull request issue

Gedare Bloom
Fri Jun 30 15:39:00 GMT 2017

On Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 4:52 AM, Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:
> On Jun 30 11:10, Aditya Upadhyay wrote:
>> Hello Developers,
>> I have cloned the origin/master repo of newlib and forked master to my
>> git repo. In forked repo of newlib, it is showing :
> I don't quite understand what you did there.  Usually you just clone
> and then work in the clone.  It seems you made a two step process
> instead, with a bare clone and an external working copy or something.
>> "This branch is 54 commits behind mirror:master."
> What mirror?
I guess it is

>> I performed pull request, but it is ot working .
> It's virtually impossible to help without having the exact details
> of your setup.

To update a fork you need to do something like:
git set-upstream mirror
git pull mirror master
git push origin master

Or similar. Read a git tutorial/book.

> The easist thing to do is probably to start from scratch.
> Just `git clone' newlib and use this repo for your local work.
Since Aditya is a GSoC student we require all his code must be public
on github, so this setup is good if complicated.


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