Jon Beniston
Sat Dec 10 00:05:00 GMT 2016

Hi Jeff,

>  Is it possible to point to an empty directory to skirt the inhibit_libc check

No, as stdio.h needs to exist there ($target_header_dir gets set to --with_headers value)

if { { test x$host != x$target && test "x$with_sysroot" = x ; } ||
       test x$with_newlib = xyes ; } &&
     { test "x$with_headers" = xno || test ! -f "$target_header_dir/stdio.h"; } ; then

And creating a dummy stdio.h doesn't work, as that then gets installed in sys-include and used.

> and use the target/include headers that you say are on the include path

For a clean build, these only exist after newlib is built and installed though. Does that mean GCC needs to be built twice?


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