[PATCH] Big-endian fix for memcpy-armv7m.S

Julian Brown julian@codesourcery.com
Fri Dec 9 13:54:00 GMT 2016


I noticed that memcpy-armv7m.S makes assumptions about little-endian
byte ordering that cause it to get copies with certain sizes/alignments
wrong in big-endian mode. We hit this with a "generic profile" ARMv7
big-endian multilib, but I guess anyone trying to run an M-profile chip
in big-endian mode (if such things exist) could hit the same problem.

I've tested this with (caveat, somewhat experimental!) QEMU patches:


running under the GCC testsuite with an ARMv7 big-endian multilib, and
results show a positive delta for about 15 tests (e.g.
gcc.c-torture/execute/memcpy-2.c, gcc.c-torture/execute/pr65369.c).

OK to apply?




    * libc/machine/arm/memcpy-armv7m.S (mis_src_copy): Handle
    big-endian mode.
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