Can I compile newlib as a shared library on x86_64 linux-gnu?

Kai Yu
Fri Nov 18 13:28:00 GMT 2016

In newlib README file, it says that:

Shared newlib

newlib uses libtool when it is being compiled natively (with
--target=i[34567]86-pc-linux-gnu) on an i[34567]86-pc-linux-gnu
host. This allows newlib to be compiled as a shared library.

To configure newlib, do the following from your build directory:

$(source_dir)/src/configure --with-newlib --prefix=$(install_dir)

configure will recognize that host == target ==
i[34567]86-pc-linux-gnu, so it will tell newlib to compile itself using
libtool. By default, libtool will build shared and static versions of

Does it mean that we can build newlib shared library only on
i[34567]86-pc-linux-gnu host?
I tried to build newlib on x86_64-unknown-linux-gun just the way
above, but the Makefile generated
did nothing for newlib target. I also tried x86_64-unknown-linux-gun
as --target with cross-compiling
on i686-pc-linux-gnu, the Makefile still did nothing.
So please tell me can't we build newlib on x86_64 linux-gnu??

Yu Kai

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