[PATCH] Phoenix-RTOS: Add caddr_t definition to <sys/types.h>.

Mike Frysinger vapier@gentoo.org
Wed Jun 29 13:53:00 GMT 2016

On 28 Jun 2016 16:35, Jakub Sejdak wrote:
> > libc/include/sys/types.h provides all the types already.  why do you
> > need to duplicate it ?  there's a ton of such examples in the pheonix
> > codebase.
> Because we needed to move few type definitions to kernel, thus now
> types.h is not identical as one in common newlib space. The same rule
> applies to other headers that are copied to sys/phoenix/sys private
> directory.

the common newlib sys/types.h has mechanisms for overriding type sizes
via sys/_types.h.  you should be using that mechanism, not duplicating
sys/types.h entirely.  if something in sys/types.h can't be controlled,
then you propose a patch so that sys/_types.h can control it.

> > i don't see how that's relevant to an open source project
> I said this, because someone before proposed me to have all
> definitions in newlib, not in kernel, and include libc headers into
> kernel adding #ifdef _KERNEL or similar where appropriate. This is not
> an option, because of our policy.

to reiterate: private company policy on code organization does not trump
the open source project's policy on code organization.  if you have some
manager somewhere saying you need to do X but it's in direct opposition
to newlib saying do Y, then you're free to fork and do X internally, but
the public code is going to do Y.

open source projects are not beholden to companies.
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