How to properly send patches

Mike Frysinger
Thu Apr 7 17:53:00 GMT 2016

On 07 Apr 2016 13:42, Jakub Sejdak wrote:
> I'm representing Phoenix Systems company. We are developing
> Phoenix-RTOS for IoT.
> We use newlib internally with our changes and now we want to make it public.
> However, basing on the mailing list history, I'm a bit confused with
> the procedure of sending patches.
> I guess everything should be send via mail in a form of git diffs.
> Some people paste it into message, some people attach files.

use `git send-email` to do it the right way.  if it's too big, the
fallback is to use `git format-patch` and compress+attach it.

> Could anyone instruct me how should I do it properly? I have my
> changes applied to repo cloned with read-only access.
> Since this will be our first patch, it will be huge (141 new files).
> Should I generate diff one for all changes or separate diff files for
> each modified file.

if it's for a new port, a single patch that adds all the new code is
fine.  you might want to break it up across projects -- one for newlib,
one for libgloss, etc...

> Also where should I send it?

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